Tuesday Homestead Update

The plan for my homestead is so exciting. This year was really a trial run. To see if I could even grow anything. I normally kill everything I plant, and I mean EVERYTHING! Its kind of embarrassing the amount of plants that came home with me to die.

So our garden is small. Really small. I may have enough tomatoes to kind of can a few different things. But other than that, these veggies may feed us for a week come harvest time. And I love it!

It gives me so much hope for the future, confidence for a bigger run next year, and trust that my Savior will bless our hard work and multiply everything we sow. He is good like that! Without His blessing and help, this garden would not be here and thriving. We have prayed over the soil, over the seeds, and over each individual plant. God did the rest!

Here is some of our tiny garden. We have spaghetti squash, lettuce, okra, corn, tomatoes, green beads, potatoes, and cucumbers here. On another part of our property we have watermelon, cantaloupe, onions, and some herbs. Then we have blueberry and blackberry bushes growing along our fence. We do have some strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and chives in pots right beside our house too.

I also have these mammoth sunflowers šŸ˜

As for animals, we have one horse, five laying hens, one rooster, and six chicks. Then three turkeys and four meat chicks. We hope to get some rabbits soon to add to our list of meat choices. And of course, a cow is on the dream list of future possibilities!

So, this is our little homestead, we welcome you to it! We appreciate advice, information, prayer, and all kinds of help along this new journey we are on.

Thanks for stopping by! God Bless

Grace Revival Homestead

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