Tuesday Homestead Update

We are officially using the sawmill! It’s an amazing part of our homestead and will definitely help us to progress forward from here. We are using the first few trees to create wood for planter boxes. That way if it’s not perfect, it’s ok! I cannot wait for us to actually build the boxes and start growing! Come on spring!

Our meat chicks are now 2.5 weeks old. So they will go outside starting next week! Super nervous about that, but really happy to get them out of the house. They sure do make alot of noise for such tiny birds. They have grown a ton since day one. I’m proud to say we haven’t lost any so far. Praying that we keep that record going once they are outside.

My sons and I began constructing the chicken tractor that we will move them too. It’s small and we will need to make a bigger one when they begin to grow, but this one will work well until the wood is cut. Plus itll work very well for our chicks in the spring. Ill begin incubating them here soon. Luckily, we have plenty of scrap tin and chicken wire laying around. So we can just throw tractors together pretty quickly.

Some new exciting news is our kids are about to begin raising their own animals. Summer and Wyatt have both chose an animal to raise and create an income from. This will be a major part of homeschool this year. It will be their responsibility to feed, water, purchase feed, clean the pens, figure out income possibities, usw that income to purchase things needed for the animals, the whole nine yards. They are so excited for this new business adventure.

Our rabbits are almost ready for processing! The date is set for Feb 4! We have sold most from this batch, so we will only be culling three. So itll be a super short day. We also have two litters of kits due anyday now. The nesting boxes are in the cages, full of bedding, just waiting on the right time. I love having new litters of rabbits around. They are so fun to watch and play with!

Thats it for today’s update! I cannot wait to show you all of the exciting things we have coming!

God bless,

Grace Revival Homestead


Tuesday Homestead Update

Hey everyone! We have new and exciting news for this update. We have 16 new meat chicks! These came as a complete surprise to me. I did plan on purchasing some this year, just not for another few months. Luckily, I already have a baby chick set-up at my house. So all I had to do was dust everything off, purchase a new heat bulb, wash the feeder and waterer, and let them go.

I’m so excited about them. They are a quick source of meat to stock our freezer with. Much less time than the rabbits, but alot dirtier too. Thats the only downside. Meat chickens are NOT cute. I mean, they start out cute. But they grow up to look ugly. Poor guys.

In other news, we have bred both of our female rabbits, so by the end of January we will be welcoming more kits. That’s always an exciting time. Hopefully we don’t have a major cold front move in. In Louisiana it could be anywhere between 20° and 90° at any given time. Heck, it could be 20° in the morning and then 90° by lunch. Louisiana weather is stupid.

We also have a new saw mill! It was my husband’s Christmas present. So this week has been spent putting it together finally. I’m officially over trying to level it. I’m just saying. There are only so many ways to get something level before you just call it a day. Am I right? I’m a finished product kind of girl. My husband is a detail oriented person. He keeps refocusing me on the small important steps that matter as I try to rush him to the end! It’s pretty comical to watch.

Thats all for today! We will see you next Tuesday!

God bless,

Grace Revival Homestead

Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of our 30 Day Prayer journey! This has truly already blessed my life in more ways than I can count. God sure is good to us! So since today is Sunday, and I just finished prepping for homeschool tomorrow, let say a prayer about school!


Dear Heavenly Daddy,

Thank You for this day. Thank You for sending the shepherd to take care of your flocks. Thank You for leaving the ninety-nine to come and find me. Thank You for these children You have put under my care to train up for Your Kingdom. Without Your wisdom and guidance, I would be lost daily. Your presence in my house is what keeps me sane. Lord, I know that my children are truly Yours and that You have just entrusted their care to me. Thank you for co-parenting them with me. Your love and Your example is what teaches me how to love them. Thank You for showing me the way.


Lord, tomorrow is a new day of me trying to put more of You into our children. Your word says to train up a child in the way that they should go, and when they are older they will not depart from it. Jesus, I am standing on that word and proclaiming it over my children. This world is a very scary place and schools are no longer safe for children. So we are entrusting them into your care. Protect and nurture them when they are away from us. Thank you for giving me the means to teach my children from the safety of my home. Your generosity is overwhelming! Give me the wisdom and patience to teach them in a language they are capable of understanding. Speak through me into their lives. Speak life into them. Fill in all the gaps I miss in their education. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit and the fruits of Your Spirit. Help me to equip them to be kind and gentle and loving while the world is cold, cruel and scary. Lets raise up a generation of believers that are not afraid to stand on Your Word!

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

With All of God’s Blessings,

Stephanie Smith

3 Ingredient Shredded Chicken Tacos

With homeschool, T1D, and a very rebellious 3 year old; spending a lot of time on dinner is very hard to do. That’s why this recipe is so awesome! Just take these 3 ingredients, throw them into a crockpot, cook while you’re doing whatever you do during the day, and BAM! An incredibly tasty dinner when you’re ready!


  1. 3 Boneless skinless Chicken breast
  2. A packet of Taco seasoning
  3. 16 oz can of salsa

Throw all of this into a crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 6 hours. That’s it! All done.

Serve with tortillas or in chips for nachos! You can also mix cheese into this recipe and create a cheesy shredded chicken dip. I do this for all of our kids birthday parties!

With All of God’s Blessings

Stephanie Smith

Homeschooled or Unschooled


We recently began homeschooling, just this year actually. God laid it on my heart to begin homeschooling early in 2018, but I was so hesitant to take that on. Just the thought of it overwhelmed my head and heart. However, when God brings us to something, He doesn’t leave us there alone. So He surrounded me with many homeschool families to help support me during this new transition. And still I hesitated, that is until my son Wyatt, was diagnosed with T1D. Then I jumped on this new ministry like my life depended on it!


We started homeschooling with my heart set on all of these curriculums that I had brought together for one big idea. I had this picture in my head of me reading aloud daily to happy children who never misbehaved or got frustrated. Then God popped that bubble of a very unreal idea of homeschool and set a much smaller plan in my heart. Since this is our first year, we only do the bare minimum with fun stuff thrown in the mix. So basically by homeschool is a mixture of school at home and unschooling.


When I first read about unschooling, I was repulsed! My organized teacher heart did a back flip and landed in slime with a disgusting PLOP! How could any child learn from the unschooling technique? That’s what I would ask as I read all of their ideas. Then when I started homeschooling and God started whispering to my heart to go “At the pace of the children,” I started to love the idea of unconventional teaching. We have stopped curriculums after 3 weeks and tossed them out the door if they tried pushing to hard or overwhelmed either of my older children. We spend a lot of our days letting God lead our school. We focus majorly on biblical principals and biblical history. We learn our math facts with God’s truths thrown in and we learn literature and handwriting from passages of Psalms and christian authors like C. S. Lewis.

At the Pace of the Children

God whispered this to my heart one evening when I was becoming increasingly concerned with the pace my youngest was learning the alphabet. He caught my attention very suddenly and said “Daughter, I never rush you to take steps you are unprepared for, so why are you rushing him? This ministry is for you and your children to grow more in love with Me, not the alphabet. Let him lead this while you lead him to Me. Trust me to fill any void that is left.” And that was it. I was hooked. We would go only as fast as the children were comfortable and the rest was left for God to fill. Trust, faith, and grace are all needed to homeschool, and thankfully God fills me every morning with each of these sufficient for the day.

If you have any homeschooling advice, or curriculums you love, please let me know! I love hearing from other homeschool families!

With All of God’s Blessings

Stephanie Smith